Village Education Tutors Foundation

Village Education Tutors Foundation is our 501c3 non-profit wing that powers our philanthropy work through Village Education Ambassador Program.

Our Federal Non-Profit Tax ID (EIN#) is 85-2934458 and donations are 100% tax deductible.

Village Education Ambassador Program

Annual Tax Deductible Fundraising Goal of $500,000!

Supports 100 Student Back to School Math or English Language Arts (ELA) Boot Camps, Year Round Tutoring Sessions and includes:
- Highly skilled certified teacher
- One2one academic coaching tailored to student learning style
- Curriculum secured from respected publishers
- 18 sessions (6 weeks- 3 classes per week)
- 8 Tutoring Sessions per month
- Village (community) minded teacher
Board of Directors
Keith Daviston

Keith Daviston, CPA

Chief Financial Officer
Philadelphia District Attorney's Office
Pamela Gresham

Pamela Gresham, J.D.

Director of Labor Relations and Diversity
Delaware State University
Shawnickque T. Kent

Shawnickque T. Kent

Executive Director
Village Education Tutors Foundation
Angel Dowling

Angel Dowling, MBA

Former Plant Human Resources Manager